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ghost93inside's Journal

Ghost Inside
28 June
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I am a proud father, husband and home owner, 38 years old but now disabled due to blindness. I find it hard to apply labels to my character or wat drives me. Most are inadequate. I am a Gnostic, iconoclast, utilitarian, a thinker and a dreamer sometimes rationalistic and others idealistic like anyone else. If there is any onstant to my behavior or convictions it's that I try to be objective and fair in the interest of learning something or working something out. My passions often get interjected however, like anyone else or sometimes I attempt to rationalize my passions, also like everyone else. I would suggest this makes me an average every-day person but I'm not an average person. I'm blind and live life in a box. When I can move I have to fumble and stumble my way through now where anyone else hardly seems as "challenged". it sucks but it is what it is, so the only thing I have left to experience life with is my mind so I try not to limit that with narrow minded biases and prejudices.