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Good to be back
Almost 5 years ago I deletted my LJ account because I had been using itto vent and work through some ugly emotions related to some life experiences. I decided that the venting had turned into whining and didn't like that. Also, the majority of people on my LJ were fellow members of a fraternal order to which I belonged and I was angry over some administrative decisions. Leaving that community also meant leaving my LJ as well. I guess you could say I was just fed up.

I became very busy with parenting and home upkeep after dropping out of LJ. Additionally, I lost the remainder of my sight, my wife fell on ill health and nearly died and my son was diagnosed with autism. I was coaxed into signing on to My Space and then Face book as well as Windows Live. Using these sites with a screen reader is like wading through a mountain of ads adn junk code. You spend over an hour real time to get to your 5 minutes of content with a screen reader, so I didn't use them as often. Windows Live and My Space both deleted their blogs and Face Book has put severe restriction on theirs making their bloggin service practically worthless. so here I am and it's much easier to use this site than the others if you're blind. I can just load up semagic and type away withot the hours of interruption.

I'm still massively busy being a dad and there are projects around here we need to get done as well. Trying to integrate with mainstream life for the benefit of the social interaction my son will receive has left me feeling like a foreigner, a stranger in a strange land. We have been dealing a lot with the school system of course, but also with various churches looking for good youth groups and a culture that is tolerable to my belief system. I think we found a decent one and we have a great family of neighbors, but damn, very little has changed since I was turned away from church as a kid. It's still populated by frightened insecure and intolerant people who hide their fears and weaknesses behind their religion and are still openly hostile to others of different belief systems. These are not lessons I want my kid to learn so I'm not sure how much longer that will last, but I'll give it a chance for my son. I will do anything for him that is within my power to do. I have learned recently though that elements of mysticism such as meditation and systems f mnemonics seem to be prescribed for kids with autism spectrum disorders as well as...yes, martial arts. I don't expect Christians to be friendly towards that kind of thing.

Friday I hae to go in to have a kidney stone removed. it's about 10mm so it's too big to pass, and hey, I just passed 2 last week. so in a couple of days I will probably be doped up a little while and cross our fingwers for me will ya? I'm hoping for a more painless event this time. I have a pile of nonsense that I've been accumulating on my machine from attempts to post things to Face Book that I hope to post here soon but it's in dire needof editing. You see spell checkers don't work with screen reades very well and I can't tell if the text looks right if I can't read it myself. Bye for now.


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